A Frightening Night!

One day I went to sleep around 11 p.m. After sleeping for some time I woke up at 3 a.m. (witching hour or devil’s hour). I was scared… as I had to get up and go to the restroom. In my mind, there were millions of thoughts of seeing a ghost or a zombie or anything that is scary! I got up and rushed to turn the lights on. Phew! now a ghost can’t come here. I tried to open the restroom but the first door was locked! I thought maybe someone left it locked it? I tried to open the other door but without any success. I turned around and beat a hasty retreat. I went under my blanket on the bed. I was so scared with millions of thoughts like what if there is a ghost in the restroom, what if they are going to come out and kidnap me or aliens abducct me! or even worse… EAT ME!!!! I was soooo scared that my whole body was shaking now. In the morning, (I checked if I was in one piece). “Nothing missing,” I said relieved. I met my parents and narrated to them the whole incident. Dad said that he will try to open it. I got terrified. Dad opened the door with a coin and I stood behind his back peeking inside. There was nothing! phew! maybe the ghosts went back. Dad told me that there was a problem with the doorknob lock and it got locked by mistake. “What!” I said. “So there was no ghost or a zombie or anything scary!?”. My dad burst into laughter and said “What are you talking about those things aren’t real!”. I was confused but at the same time happy that there was nothing scary. I thought maybe dad was right. Has any incident like this ever happened to you Guys?

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