A New City

Bell is a 10 year old girl. She just moved into a city called HollowBrooke. She missed everybody in her old city. One day, Bell’s mother took them to the park. Bell was nervous to make new friends but she kept telling herself it was gonna be OK. She saw many kids playing baseball but Bell had no idea how to play that game. She took a dreep breath and walked up to them. The kids looked at her, now she felt even more nervous. She didn’t know how she got the courage to ask them if she could play but she somehow did. All of them started whispering. Bell waited patiently for an answer. She was scared that the kids won’t let her play because of her age. A girl walked up to her and introduced herself. The girl’s name was Ally and she was 12 just like the others. Ally said that Bell can play with them whenever she wants and It didn’t matter being younger because everyone should play with each other. Bell was soo happy that she twirled in exitment. She made her first friend and it just took a little bit of Courage. She learnt that:

Nothing is impossible if you believe!

(Comment down below if you have experienced something similar to this!)

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