The Great Lion

Once upon a time there was a forest in which many animals lived. One of them was a Lion. One day while hippo and crocodile were talking, the lion came and shouted “Hey you! Why are you bathing in my pond. Go away!”. The hippo and crocodile got scared and ran away to find another pond because lion was the king of the forest and they had to obey his orders. Next day, rabbit found a drum that was very large and started playing it. “dee-dum-dum-dee-dum-dum-dee-dum-dum”. By hearing the noise the lion woke up and said “Who is that noisy animal i will eat him right away!”. The lion found rabbit with a drum. Lion commanded rabbit to give him the drum or else he will eat him! The rabbit ran as fast as his legs could for, he feared the lion too. The next day, Tortoise found a leafy area and started making a feast on the grass. Lion was seeing this and he came near tortoise and said “Leave this place at ones! this is my… uhh… area!”. The tortoise slowly started moving away in fear. The lion got angry by seeing the speed of the tortoise and kicked him away. The tortoise’s shell was almost going to break. After few days, lion got bored so he said “I wish i hadn’t behaved so badly with other animals”. The lion called all the animals and said ‘I am sorry, i will never behave like this ever again you can bath in the river hippo and crocodile, you can have your drum rabbit and tortoise you can have as much grass you want here”. All the animals were happy. They started calling the lion the GREAT LION!


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