The Annoying boy

Once upon a time, there was a naughty boy who loved to get his older sister in trouble his name was Tyler and his sister’s name was Dalia she was a gentle and hardworking girl. One day their mom bought two donuts for both of them. One for Tyler and one for Dalia. Their mom gave them both the donuts. Tyler ate his donut in a wink of an eye but Dalia was doing her homework and at the same time eating the donut making it hard to focus on the donut. Tyler took advantage of his sister studying and took Dalia’s donut and ate it. Dalia saw this and was very angry then Tyler started crying to get his mom’s attention. Their mom came and asked the reason why Tyler was crying. Dalia said he was faking it and ate her donut but Tyler lied and told his mother that Dalia had eaten both donuts. Their mom was very angry and scolded Dalia as she thought that Tyler was telling the truth as he was younger and would not lie. Dalia was very sad, she went into her room crying. Dalia’s father came and asked the reason why she was so sad. Dalia narrated the whole incident. Her dad said that she is just a kid. “That’s what he always says,” I thought. One day while Dalia was playing her brother hit her hard on her hand with a comb. I started crying and so did Tyler. He told mother that I had hit him hard and had scolded him then started crying. “What!’ I shouted. “I did nothing It was all him!” I told mom. Tyler had crossed his naughty line. Mom told me i was grounded. “I hate Tyler” I sobbed. Tyler was watching this and came near me. I shouted at him to go away. Tyler took a step back and started sobbing. “Oh so you are going to get me scolded again?” i asked. Tyler hugged me and said “I love you i am sorry sis”. I felt sorry for him for the first time i felt… felt… true love and joy. I forgave him and we played together happily ever after.


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