The Haunted hotel

Once upon a time, there was a hotel in Greenland. Everybody called it haunted, but they didn’t tell why. One day a girl named Luna who lived in a large mansion went to the haunted hotel. Luna was not scared she turned on the torch and went inside. The lights were fading, and all the curtains were torn. She picked up the key to room number 333. When she opened the door, it creaked. When she went inside, she saw a dog with brown skin. The dog was shivering she grabbed the dog and put him inside the cap. A shadow crossed her she turned around fast and saw a cat with grey skin. Luna grabbed the cat and put her inside the cap too. Luna did not understand why there were animals in the hotel. She asked the person who worked in the haunted hotel earlier. The worker said that one day he accidentally left the door open and then ghosts went inside and scared everybody. Luna showed him the cat and dog many other pet animals and birds like a parrot, rabbit, etc. The worker was surprised to see the pet animals. Luna returned the pets she could to their owner and took care of the rest herself and yes of course…The hotel was restored with crowds of people.

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  2. Trisha says:

    Nice story

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