Annie’s Diary

Dear diary~

I hope you are fit as a fiddle as for me this was the best day! I went to the shopping mall. We went to a clothing store. Mom bought her stuff and dad bought his. I bought a crop top and jeans. I got a cute sequence watermelon T-shirt for my sister. Next, we went to a toy shop (because my sister asked mom and dad). She bought a large unicorn soft toy. I asked my parents if we could go to a storybook shop and my parents agreed! I bought a storybook and mom took us to a candy shop and we bought a handful of candies of different types. Isn’t that cool!!! Then, dad took us to watch a movie. After the movie was finished we went to a cool restaurant. I loved the food there! We went home and reached past midnight. Tired and sleepy I fell on the bed and slept in a deep sleep. In the morning, I wrote this diary entry. Oh, and I almost forgot I wrote it with a brand new snowman pen my parents bought yesterday. See you soon gotta do breakfast.


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