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Vegetables are good Vegetables are Healthy Let’s read about some so sing with me! Tomato is Round Red in colour Have a bite! isn’t it Juicy!? Na Na Na Na Na Carrot is Pointy!...



We are a family… We love each other… We neither fight with our… Brothers or Sisters… Love fills our heart If we… are together… Love is all around us… Love is in the air…...


Happy Mother’s Day!

Dear mom! I love you, you love me Dear mom! You look so pretty Dear mom! You cook so well Dear mom… Dear mom! You can fix every problem… Cause you are my… Dearest...


Silly and Happy

Silly and Happy Silly and happy Were in the garden Were in the garden Laying on a bench, warming themselves out From the sun’s rays From the sun’s rays Tu Tu Tu Tu Tu...


The Nature

Blue and white is the sky.Pointy and green are the trees.The nature surrounds us.Making us Happy!When the wind blows, the trees jiggle and dance. When the rain pours, the children play and laugh.The nature...

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