Greta and Gem

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Greta. Greta took good care of her grandfather and grandmother. One day her grandfather got sick. Her mother said that Greta and she will go to the medicine shop. Greta liked chocolates she hid chocolate in her pocket. When Greta’s mother was buying medicines, Greta saw a stray dog who was trying to take her chocolate. The stray dog looked hungry Greta gave her chocolate to him. The stray dog went after her to her home. Greta’s mom got angry and tried to get the dog out of the house. Greta’s grandfather said, “It’s ok to let the dog stay he can be our pet”. Greta’s mom agreed and gave Greta’s grandfather the medicine. Greta named the dog Gem. She took good care of Gem. One day Greta could not find Gem. She was very sad she looked under the bed and the dining table. She went outside and saw that a bulldog was attacking Gem. Greta ran to Gem but before she could help her Gem had already defeated the bulldog. The bulldog belonged to her friend Siski. Greta returned the bulldog to Siski and went home. She told her grandfather the story about how Gem defeated the bulldog. Her grandfather smiled. From then on Greta trained Gem and gosh he was a fast learner!

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