Ruby The Lily’s Adventure

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Once upon a time, there was a red lily named Ruby. She lived with the other lilies in a garden but she was very unique. She would dream of visiting every place on Earth. One day, Ruby made an announcement and told every lily her dream. The other lilies started laughing. Sunny the yellow lily said, “You will die in a day or two if you are plucked!”. Ruby became sad. Later on, that day a little girl plucked Ruby and clipped her to her hairclip. “Oww,” Ruby cried. The hairclip said, “Hi my name is Clippie and I am very sorry to hurt you”. The hairclip was covered with tiny plastic flowers but was light as a feather. “It’s ok! Just don’t press my stem too much… anyways my name is Ruby the lily”. The hairclip and Ruby kept talking and also shared their stories. The hairclip told that her owner wore her for months when one day, she got loose and slipped from the owner’s hair and fell into the trash which was later on that day dumped into a truck. Clippie talked to the garbage bags for some time. The garbage man threw her in the smelly trash which was shaped just like a mountain. She was so sad when a strong wind blew and took Clippie away from the trash to the doorstep of a beautiful house. A little girl saw Clippie and from that day on used her to clip flowers to her hair. “That was a sad story but the end part was great!” Ruby said. After a while, Ruby started getting loose and fell on the street. Clippie said, “Oh no! Ruby”. But before Ruby could say anything a wind blew her away. After traveling for some minutes, the wind dropped her on a busses step. A woman was going to step on Ruby when the woman saw down and picked Ruby up. “Phew! That was close I could have died!” Ruby said shivering in fear. Ruby started getting weaker… She was dying! The woman held her loved flowers and said “What a lovely flower! I will bury her pollen so that more of it can grow but I have to be quick or else it might die!”. The bus stopped and the woman holding Ruby got off and rushed to her house. “Luna! I bought a lovely flower for planting!” the woman shouted. “Yippee,” a girl shouted standing near Ruby. The woman took Ruby to the garden and plucked her stamen, took out the anther from it, and buried it. “It will grow into a lovely Lily plant,” the woman said. While, Lily groaned in pain and said “That was so painful I feel like I will die! But indeed, my pollen will grow into many such lilies just like me”. The woman put Ruby near the pollens burying spot “You might like to stay near lovely Lily”. Ruby died in some time but she gave birth to new herself!

The End

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