The heavenly Choco Land

Alex and Amelia were two naughty kids. They always had something up their sleeves! and they never got together. They would wake so late in the night. So, one day when Alex went to sleep he dreamed… of a door. He didn’t think twice and immediately opened it. Oh! goodness! He couldn’t believe his eyes! In front of him. Yes, that’s right in front of his eyes!… was a land… covered with all kinds of candies and chocolates! Yum! Some, he had eaten but many he hadn’t. He didn’t wait to see the wonderful sight and quickly jumped onto his nearest candy and took a bite. “This tastes even delicious than my favorite chocolate!” he said with his mouth full. He dove right into a chocolate river. He started drinking the delicious chocolate of the river. On his way, he saw a huge lollipop, 20 feet high! Without thinking he started climbing it and started nibbling it. Alex didn’t notice that he was nibbling Amelia’s feet! Amelia felt something sticky on her toe and looked at it. She saw Alex nibbling it and she was angry. She shouted at Alex “Alex quit nibbling my toe!”. But Alex didn’t listen. Amelia became rageous “Alex!!!!!” she shouted once more. Alex woke up with a start. “Yawn… what happened… Ewe!” He said seeing the mess he had made. “Ha-ha-ha!” Alex chuckled. “This isn’t funny!” Amelia said annoyed. “Oh I am sorry Amelia,” Alex said in a serious voice but still chuckling a little. Amelia’s eyes widened. They never apologized to each other. They told their parents the story. “Yes! we were nice and I also got to visit the Yum land and kind of… also nibbled Amelia’s toe thinking it was a huge lollipop,” Alex said. “So you call it Yum land… that’s a good name! Maybe I’ll visit it in a dream with you,” Amelia said. From that day on Alex and Amelia would not fight and that was a relief for their parents to see them get along.

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