The reliable and forgetful twins

Once upon a time, there was a farmer and his wife. He had two daughters Hanna and Jake of age 11 years old. Hanna was a Precise girl while Jake was a confused boy. One day, the farmer ran out of carrot and potato seeds. So, he called the twins and asked them to bring 2 packets of potato and carrot seed to him from the market. Hanna quickly understood her task, grabbed Jake, and ran to the market. When they reached the market, Hanna told Jake to go and get the potato seeds while she would get the carrot seeds. Hanna went to the carrots stall and bought 2 packets of carrot seeds. While Jake was confused about if he had to bring potato seeds or potatoes and if he had to bring any of them how many because of his habit of forgetting things very quickly? At last, Jake asked the shopkeeper “How many potatoes for 100rs?”. “20 potatoes for 50rs and 40 for 100rs ” the shopkeeper said. “Oh!…and how many packets of seeds?” Jake asked. “2 packets for 100rs and 1 for 50rs,” the shopkeeper said. Jake kept thinking for straight 5 min. “I would like to have 20 potatoes and 1 packet of seed” Jake said still confused. The shopkeeper picked it up and handed the bag to Jake. Hanna and Jake came together once again. Hanna asked, “Have you bought everything we needed Jake?”. “Yes…” Jake said in a distorted tone. The twins returned home and handed the items they bought to their father. Their father checked the items and looked towards Jake and Jake blushed. The twin’s father said, “Jake you forgot once again what you had to bring. I told you to bring two packets of potato and carrot and not 20 potatoes”. Jake said sadly “I am sorry dad”. “Oh no worries, well you can play memory games with me to sharpen your memory and not forget things so quick,” Hanna said. Jake smiled, nodded his head in agreement, told Hanna to get to his bedroom and play the memory games. The twin’s father was very happy to hear this. In a few days, Jake stopped forgetting things often. HIS MEMORY HAD GOTTEN SHARP!


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