A Good Deed

One day on a walk, I found a wallet with lots of money. At first, a dreadful and silly thought came to my mind that if I kept this wallet I will become a billionaire but I shacked the thought away because I didn’t want to steal the wallet. I tried asking people near the spot if the wallet belonged to them but everyone just nodded their head in disagreement. At last, I went to a man standing underneath a lofty tree. He said, “Oh yes! this wallet is mine, I just lost it this morning”. I was not quite sure if the man was telling the truth. Suddenly a thought hit my mind! “I should look inside the wallet because every wallet carries a photo of its owner and family”. I looked inside and saw a man with pleasant hair, teeth as white as sunshine, and the most handsome face I have ever seen. The picture didn’t even match the man standing before me because he had pleasant hair but his teeth were yellow and he looked horrible because of the pimples on his face. I knew what to do! I rushed back to my house, took my dusty shoes off, and went to my room. I quickly turned my printer on. It went “Bee-Bop-Bee-Bop!” I put some paper in and quickly went to my desk to grab my laptop. I typed some text so quickly that it was finished within a minute! and then I pressed print. I pasted these posters on the bark of trees, lampposts, and even walls in my area. The next day a man came into my house. He looked just like the man from the picture. I knew beyond doubt that the wallet was his. he looked heroic but just as he stepped inside my house, he slipped and fell in a crash! He looked heroic but was rather clumsy. Well, anyways I am very happy to find the wallet’s true owner. I got to know that the man who was the true owner of the wallet was a news person and you know what! he interviewed me for returning his wallet. He said I was intelligent and wise and from my point of view he was a good man but also very clumsy! I also got to know that the wallet was very dear to him because it carried an ancestral ring which the man had for years! THE END

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