What I learnt That Night

Are you scared of night-time? Once I was scared of it. I would start crying after my mother would wish me “good night darling”, turn off the lights, and close the door. I would be frightened that a ghost with red eyes, a black torn dress, and a creepy smile would turn the doorknob and the door would open with a creaking sound. I would hide under my blanket and hold my breath. There would be no sound but suddenly the ghost would find me and take me to the place it lives. Thinking about it makes me shudder what if it happens in real? but I now I know it won’t because one night I learned something from my mother… It was time to sleep with the same nightmare in my mind. “Good night dear,” My mother said. She was just going to turn off the lights when I shouted “Please don’t leave me alone mom! I am scared” I said to my mother in a trembling voice. “Of the ghost, you told me about?” My mother asked me. “Yes,” I sobbed. “Oh don’t you cry let me tell you a story about a brave girl who was at first just like you,” My mother said in a soft voice. Now, there is one thing special about my mother. She tells lovely stories and her story always carries advice. Her stories are magical some children say. I was eager to listen to this story. Once upon a time, there was a girl named Clovia also called Clove. She was a brave girl and she never cried. Once she also feared the night-time. She would cry while going to sleep too. She tried to get solutions but couldn’t find any. Do you know what she did next? she asked herself some questions that… “What questions?” I asked eagerly interrupting my mother’s story. “Oh be patient I am telling you” My mother smiled at me. Why do I cry at night? Does crying make things right? and the answer she got was NO. It only made her weak. She didn’t hesitate to say that she was a coward. So, she decided not to cry and think of good things while sleeping and from then on she became brave. “Mom you are right crying is a silly thing and it’s only making me weak and maybe a coward…” I said bravely I didn’t even hesitate to say I was a coward and most of all I didn’t sob! I told you my mom’s stories are magical. From that day on I did not cry at the time of going to bed because I knew it won’t change anything.

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  1. Usha rai says:

    Clovia should have been so brave! She didn’t cry in the nighttime don’t get me wrong but for 4-5 days when I was small I also did the same so I understand what the writer means.

  2. Very nice story !!!! I loved it, it is based on a true thing,, many of us are scared

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