Clark’s Garden

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Clark. She was a sweet girl who was 9 years old. She loved plants she would take very good care of them. She also sang to them. One day When she woke up, she saw a fairy wearing a blue dress with a red ribbon and with a wand in her hand when. She asked her name the blue fairy replied, “Blink is my name and you must be Clark our plants are getting sadder day by day will you help us make the plants happy again?”. Clark agreed they went to the Sky kingdom and saw that the plants were very sad she rested for some time and then she went to the garden. She cleared her throat and sang “Ring around the flowers a pocket full of posies ashes -ashes we all smile at once”. The flowers slowly became happy Blink thanked Clark and gave her some magical seeds that will allow her to come to the Sky kingdom again. Clara went home and then grew the seeds happily.

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