Tales of myths (Part 1)

Myths are people who can do MAGIC! They live in an invisible palace floating on the clouds (awesome right!?). Jake is one of the myths Now you may wonder what kind of powers he has. Well, he has the power of metal! I know you love it. He can do anything he wants with metal and his bestie Katy has two powers! well… yeah she is a doublix… don’t tell me that’s a weird label cause I know it is. Katy can transform into so she can even play pranks on anyone her and her second ability is fire (that might be the reason they get together you know!?). So I think that’s all for the introduction. Let me tell you about a strange incident that happened with them. Jake went to sleep and so did Katy but sometime later Katy woke up because of a voice in her brain which said ‘kill my minion’ something like that you know. Now you may be wondering who it was trying to command her but that is a topic I will tell you about later. Katy got up and got out of her bed and started walking towards Danny’s room (another myth). Katy took out her ash blades and was going to stab Danny when he used his magic, ice, to protect him. Katy pushed Danny out of the palace and he fell while Katy followed him. They landed in a desert with dead plants. They both started fighting when Danny asked Katy why she was doing this but as he did so, Katy stabbed him and his powers got into Katy’s body. She flinched as Danny’s power got sucked up by her body. The next day, Katy woke up to her surprise with blood all over her clothes and hands. She screamed and someone knocked on the door. Katy quickly changed and answered the door, it was Jake! She let him in and closed the door and started sobbing. Jake asked her why she was doing so and she told him what had happened. Jake was astonished to see blood on her clothes. He told Katy to not worry and speak to master Terri who was the king/master of the palace. Of course, Katy said no but Jake assured her nothing would happen and so Katy told master Terri. Master Terri was out of words… he told Katy it was Darkstar the king of the dark myths. Katy fainted and woke up in the palace hospital. The fairy nurse told her that she was out for 3 hours. That night master Terri put a shield around Katy’s room so she won’t be able to get out but that didn’t work. The next morning she was gone without any trace. Jake broke down.

Months went by but Katy didn’t show up while the myths were busy preparing for taking down Darkstar because Master Terri knew that with Katy on his side he was more than inevitable! One day, Jake was passing by Master Terri’s office when he heard what he was saying. Master Terri said that Katy was not only a doublix but ‘THE CHOSEN ONE’! Jake’s eyes widened, and his heart started racing. He couldn’t believe what he heard. That night, he sneaked into the library’s forbidden section and read about ‘The Chosen One’. It said that the chosen one could bring peace or destroy it. Jake read how the chosen one could be killed even if he didn’t want to and it said that only the love of the chosen one could destroy him/her. Jake knew it was him. He got on his knees and sobbed. He felt a hand on his back and turned around it was Master Terri. Master Terri told Jake he had to do it. Jake cried the whole night long. The next day when he went to have breakfast and found Master Terri giving an announcement. He looked tense like he had foreseen something bad(yeah he can see the future). He told everyone that the Darkstar army is going to strike tonight (and that was a bad prediction). Everyone raised their fists and shouted ‘victory is of good’. All the myths stood prepared on the battlefield. On the other side was Darkstar’s army and…Katy leading them! She was being controlled by Darkstar. Dark star’s army charged and so did Master Terri’s. The battle raged on the field, good and bad myths dying everywhere. Jake was busy fighting a bad myth that he didn’t realize Katy or… Darkstar charging towards him. Darkstar hit Jake real hard and pushed him off his horse. Darkstar holding Jake’s neck with one hand and the other hand on fire for a punch. Jake punched off Darkstar’s helmet and saw her… Katy’s face turned into shreds like… a… DARKSTAR! Jack tried to get Katy back to her senses but it didn’t work. Suddenly Darkstar transformed into Katy’s face. Jake stops while Katy or Darkstar who was trying to KILL him! tells him to look into his eyes. Darkstar lifts his (or Katy’s) hand and was going to punch Jack when, Jack comes back to his senses and stabs Darkstar with a sharp piece of metal. Katy screams and in a few minutes…dies… Jack holds her in his arms and cries. Darkstar’s army vanishes into ashes. I know it’s a sad story but… I don’t know what to say I think Jack is going to the underworld to negotiate with hades. I know that’s crazy but I will keep you all updated on anything special.

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