Sophie in the forest (Part 1)

Hello friends this is Sophie…. stuck in a dense forest on a mission to find the snake team! right now I am with Briana (Bri for short) and Henry trying to find our way out. After walking for so much time we found a camp with three tents, a round table with food that looked it was kept for days, and sticks scattered all around. Bri went to the round table and investigated for solutions. “I found some blood!” Bri shouted at us. We quickly rushed to the round table. Henry said, “Maybe one of the members got bitten and while others were helping him an Ianimal came”. I told them that one of the members might have got hurt and maybe they wanted to communicate but the communication system wasn’t working so they tried to find a way out of the forest. By the time they were gone maybe an animal came and did this. Bri said, “If we go by Henry’s idea many people might have died and there would be blood scattered all around this camp but there is only a bit of blood and only around the round table so, i think Henry’s idea is fake and if we go by Sophie’s idea I think it might be true so, we need to find tracks and follow them but before that let’s stack up with leftover supplies present here”. We searched the tents, I found a box and opened it. It had raw meat and water bottles present in many ice cubes. Bri found another box in the other tent and opened it. It had bug spray, blankets, and a lantern. Henry opened the box in the third box and found paper, 2 pens, and 5 ink packets with some glass bottles. I said “Maybe the meats smell lured the animal near the camp. Bri told “I found blankets, bug spray, and lantern which could be very useful”. Henry said, “I found ink and paper along with some glass bottles and an extra tent which… might not be much of our users”. After putting the supplies in our backpacks we set off ones again for the search of the Snake team. Following the not-so-clear footsteps which might look like the snake team, we reached a rushing river with a broken bridge. “Is that… a hat stuck on that log!” Henry shouted in joy. “Yes that is and it has a snake printed on it… this means we are on the right track,” Bri said happily but rather seriously. We crossed the river trying not to lose our balance. On crossing the river we saw a carved-out wooden sign with a note saying- If you got this far… look for us in the East ~Snake team general. We were so happy that at last, we have got some instructions for where to look. After walking some distance we saw separated paths. “Now we need to choose the correct path… this is gonna be hard,” I said. We sat down, discouraged. I tried to find something useful to get us out of this situation but I didn’t succeed. At last, we sat down, when… we saw something that blew our mind! It was pink… no! blue… ok ok whatever color it was. It came near us and showed us a vivid image of 4-5 people going through the right path. It was the snake team! Gaining back all our might we thanked the kind creature and rushed in the direction. It was turning darker and darker every minute. We felt a little scared and tired. So, we walked a little bit more trying to find a small area where we can camp for tonight, and found a small area with another carved-out wooden sign saying “You are very close…”. We also found a drawn-out map. Henry set up the one tent he bought, while Bri tried to pinpoint the location on the drawn map and I lit a small fire and cooked the raw meat. We ate, and the leftover meat we threw away so no animal could come at our base, and then slept quickly. The next day we set out again in the search for the snake team. Bri told that we had to go to the sacred cave. We were near there when we hear a sound coming from the bushes. Phew, it was just a bunny! We reached the sacred cave.

Free Vector | Ice cave in mountain with campfire and sleeping bag, tourist  overnight place in grotto with frozen lake and hanging icicles inside.  empty cavern with crystal stalactites. cartoon vector illustration

We wondered why the cave was called sacred. We saw another wooden sign saying “You are here and we are just inside or are you late?… ~Snake team commander”. We gathered all our hope and went into the cave. The cave glittered and there were crystals.

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