The Devastating Forest (part 1)

It was told that once stood a dark forest near an ancient village. The villagers feared what was inside the forest. There were rumors that the forest was enchanted and in the forest lived an ugly witch! but no one knew what was inside it. A girl named Liana was desperate to learn about the forest. Liana wanted to go into the forest but her mother would not allow her. One day Liana was feeling that someone was calling her and when she followed the voice she found out it was coming from the forest. Now, she always dreamed of going to the forest but her mother won’t let her. She went home and put some things in her backpack. When her mother asked where she was going Liana replied” I am going to play with my friends”. It was the first time she told a lie. She sneakingly tried to go into the forest and before anyone could realize she was in it. It was very foggy in the forest she couldn’t see a thing! But she continued to go deeper. After walking for some time, Liana heard distressful snorting noises. She ran in the direction it was coming from. “My gosh!” Liana stood shocked. There was a deer fawn captured in a net snorting distressfully. Liana spotted the fawn’s mother snorting sadly. She felt very sad for them. Liana thought of a way to rescue the fawn. “Oh Yes! my backpack will have something helpful”. Liana quickly rummaged in her backpack for something sharp to cut the net open and free the baby fawn. “Got it now let’s free you,” Liana said confidently while holding a sharp pair of scissors in her hand. Liana climbed the tree and slashed the net. The dear fawn and her mother snorted happily. Seeing them together made Liana delighted but her happiness didn’t last for much time… “Who freed the fawn!” a voice thundered. The deer and the fawn ran away. A tree near Liana vibrated tremulously. Liana gasped in horror standing before her eyes was a WITCH!

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    Very good story ANANYA! 😊

  2. Kate says:

    A very good story! Love it!

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