The Amazing Discovery Of Lisa(part1)

Lisa was a Taxi driver. But she is not happy about that, Her dream is to be an amateur naturalist and discover a new type of animal. One day while she was calculating the total sum of money a customer had given her, a 100 rupee note flew away in the strong wind. She followed the note and reached near a gate with a board that read “The special Zoo”. It was nighttime and there were no people or vehicles there. No sound could be heard except the sound of the wind. The board on the gate looked broken and old. She asked herself “Why is there no one here? maybe it is an abandoned zoo”. Just then she heard the voice of an old lady which sounded like the sound of hundreds of singing birds “Oh dear, come in! you might be freezing!”. Lisa was so curious trying to think about The Special Zoo that she didn’t realize that she was cold! She entered the zoo without wasting any time, and the old lady gave her a coat. “What are you doing here at the night dear? Are you lost,” the old lady asked? “My note had flown away in the wind and led me here and yes I am lost” Lisa replied. “Oh dear, that’s not good but if you want you can stay here, at the zoo for the night,” the old lady said. “Thank you, I just want to know that why does this looks like an abandoned Zoo?” Lisa asked in a low voice. “Oh dear, it was populated once with crowds of people but there was a storm, and everything got ruined! we thought that someone would come to help repair the zoo but that didn’t happen. After days of lack of food for us and the animals, we finally went to the city and got to know that no one, remembered us! They had all forgotten about our zoo. No one walked in these streets but you. We thought that it was the storm which had done this and called it that dark storm” the old lady told. “Do you only live here?” Lisa asked curiously. “No, I have the animals with me, the people who took care of this zoo either died due to starving or left the zoo to find another zoo” the old lady said in a sad voice. “Anyways, too much with the sadness! Can I know what that sign meant by special?” Lisa asked. “Oh yes dear! I have a special animal which had washed up near a river, not far away from here” the old lady said. “is the river also abandoned?” Lisa asked. “Oh yes Dear, because it is filled with dirt due to the dark storm”. Lisa was bewildered “how was this possible?”. “What kind of animal….” She asked the old lady. “Hard to explain but let me show you” the old lady said. Lisa walked along with the old lady. After a while, the old lady stopped and said “Oh dear! I never asked your name! silly me”. “Oh yes! My name is Lisa” she said. The old lady said “what a great name! And we are here!”. Lisa looked near the fence and said “Woah! Is that…it can’t be…it has a body of red crystals, eyes that look like two sapphires, talons as an eagle, and beak-like an ostrich!!! But It can’t be possible!” Lisa said surprised and fainted. When she opened her eyes, she saw pictures and drawings of the creature she saw earlier and all of them were connected from the word “Mercury?” and at the top, there was writing “can there be more?”. At last Lisa got her eyes off the board and looked at the lady who was working more about the creature. “Whe…re…am… I…” Lisa said half dizzy. “Dear… You are in the zoo laboratory where I study the animals” the old lady replied in a soft tone. Lisa somehow got to her feet and asked “Why have you connected the creature to the word Mercury? Does that mean it is from Mercury? The planet which will be sucked up soon by the sun!?” Lisa asked the old lady curiously. “It might be, but I am still researching…” the old lady stood up and spoke. Before Lisa could say anything, the old lady’s computer beeped loudly. “Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!” the old lady shouted. “What happened!” Lisa asked alarmed. “Something just entered the zoo, and it is not a person….but some sort of creature,” the old lady said and took her crowbar. “Can it be another of the creature you have because if it is it could have only found us by the one, we have!” Lisa said alarmed still. The old lady’s computer beeped. “I did it! I mean taking a lot of time, but I did it at last! Quick! Click the download button!” the old lady yelled joyfully. Lisa quickly pressed the download button and a data log about the mythical creature appeared. “Is this going to tell us all about that creature?” Lisa asked excitedly. “Yes, every bit about it! Now read out loud, their weakness! Before the other friend of its gobbles us up!” the old lady said terrified. They could hear a thumping sound which could only be only by a giant. Lisa said “Why not read the thing they like the most? Instead of being our enemies, they can be friends”. “That’s the best idea! What is it then?” the old lady asked interested. “Raspberries!?” Lisa said confused. “Blackberries?” the old lady said, also confused. They could hear the thumping grow louder than ever! “They love Raspberries,” Lisa said confidently now. “Ok then! It’s good I have some left with me. Look in the baskets kept on the table beside the computer” the old lady said, half-scared. Lisa searched the baskets for the Raspberries and found a bunch. Just at that moment, they saw the roof raise to the sky. It was the creature! It had found them. Lisa showed it the bunch of Raspberries. When the creature’s eyes fell upon the bunch of Raspberries, it quickly changed its size from a giant to a tiny cute Red-colored baby and giggled. “Aww so cute,” Lisa said looking at the baby form of the creature. The baby form of the creature pointed towards the bunch of Raspberries. Lisa quickly handed it to the bunch. Right then, they heard another noise, it was like the breaking of fences. “Oh my! The other one has broken out! Are there more blueberries?” the old lady asked half-terrified. “No, they are finished!” Lisa said terrified also. The creature came inside the lab, but on seeing its friend he became a baby too and sat with him. It seemed they were communicating through some kind of language. “Oh my! They came here to our planet because… their planet Mercury is going to be sucked by the sun and they researched and found that they may be able to live here!” Lisa said and gasped. They both were out of words. “I was right all along!!!” the old lady said excitedly. “Yes, you were but don’t you think they can’t live here. Our people well not understand there needs to understand,” Lisa said sadly. “That’s true let us just keep it a secret between us, OK?” the old lady said. “Alright! Well, it’s already morning It was great to spend the night with you. I will visit you once I am free,” Lisa said. Lisa reached the gate and to her surprise, she could find her way. It was as if Lisa was made to come here to do this. After her work, she would always visit the old lady’s zoo and help her with the animals and creatures. The creature kept doubling every week, but it didn’t matter to them. How good could it be to have mercury babies? Many people also stopped by to see them take care of the creature. At first, they were scared but they got used to it. Lisa knew now that the people had understood the importance of their survival. “IF HUMANS HAVE THE FREEDOM TO LIVE WHY NOT OUTSIDERS WHO OFFER PEACE TO US,” Lisa said at the meeting announcing the reopening of the zoo. From that day on people from the city took care of the creatures at the zoo and in return, they offered the items, tools, equipment, food, and inventions to them.

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