Tracy Learns to Donate

A nice spring morning Tracy a 7 years old girl was looking for a place where she could keep her new toy Mr. Ducky. Tracy loved her toys a lot and would never let them out of her sight! Every birthday her mother had to make some space for some more. “Oh, Mr. Bunny can you please make some space for Mr. Ducky?”. Ahh, now Mr. Bunny was a very old toy of hers she had it from when she was a 3-year-old kid. “Mom there is no space to keep Mr. Ducky what should I do?” Tracy said to her mother. “Let me see there should be some space” Tracy’s mother replied in a sweet voice that was as soft as honey. Tracy’s mother searched the drawers and the closets but couldn’t find any space fit for Mr. Ducky. She sat on the sofa and let out a sad sigh. She knew that trying to convince Tracy to give away some of her toys was a bad idea and it would lead to a fight but she had to try she had to teach Tracy to donate. “Sweetheart I am sorry if I am asking much but you will need to donate some of your toys if you want new ones we don’t have space to keep them all” Tracy’s mother said with hope that Tracy might understand. “No, Mom you know I won’t do that Never!” Tracy replied in a harsh tone. “But sweetheart I will donate not sell them,” Tracy’s mother said in a low voice. “Donate or sell both are the same!” Tracy said rudely. “No Tracy don’t you see the difference when we sell something we sell it for money but when we donate something we donate it for others’ happiness,” Tracy’s mother told Tracy in a soft voice. “So, giving my toys to the poor or other children will make them happy?” Tracy asked. “Happy? it will make them delighted, overjoyed, and thrilled!” Tracy’s Mother told Tracy. “Then I am ready to donate my toys to them” Tracy rushed to get a box to put some toys in for donation. “Let’s start putting some toys in!” Tracy said in an excited voice. Tracy’s mother had never seen her so excited on the note to give away her toys it was the first time! but she was happy that she learned.

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2 Responses

  1. Trisha says:

    It’s a very sweet story about a small girl tracy .

  2. Usha rai says:

    It’s a lovely story that Tracy learns sharing her toys 🧸.

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