A creepy April night

Donna, an 8-year-old, the pretty and intelligent girl lived with her parents and brother. It was the 31 st of March and Donna was excited because tomorrow will be April fools day. Donna rushed to do her dinner so that she could go to sleep early with her brother and think of some pranks to pull on everyone she knew but instead of that when Donna’s head hit the cushion she fell into a deep sleep. She woke up, hearing scary noises from the living room. She looked to her left but didn’t see her brother and got out of bed. Donna opened the door and suspense surrounded her. She kept soothing herself by saying that it was all just a dream and opened the door where the noise was coming from. The room was dark as midnight. Donna was so scared she got goosebumps and was going to scream while running to her bedroom when someone locked the bedroom door. Donna thought she wa dead! maybe a zombie or vampire will eat her. She saw a note on the bed saying: look behind you! Donna didn’t hesitate to look back and to her surprise there was nothing or… noone. She looked back on the note when the light turned on and her parents & brother screamed ‘Happy April fools day!’. It took Donna a few seconds to adjust to the brightness and she joined the celebration. Donna told her parents that it was a terrifying way to fool. In a few second Donna was lying on the bed and knew it was all a dream but wait! her brother was gone and there were those creepy noises from the living room. Did Donna just dreamt her future!?

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