Tales of the Elements (Part 1)

My name is Yukina and I am from Japan. It was a breezy Monday morning. I rushed out of my bed, I was late for the office! I got dressed and ate my breakfast. I opened my mail and to my surprise found a blue envelope with a snowflake made on it. I went inside and didn’t think that I was getting late for the office and opened the envelope and read- Dear Yukina the element of ice, meet me in Charmaine street, Alley of mysteries. There is a Taxi waiting for you outside. I had so many questions like “Do I have the power of ice!? and most of all why does this person want to meet me?”. Still, I took a day off from the office and took the taxi to Alley of mysteries. The taxi started rumbling and in a wink of an eye, I was in a place that looked like a portal to somewhere. When I reached there the taxi vanished like literally, it vanished in front of my eyes in a cloud of purple smoke. I saw no one except a girl who looked poor and lost, had old, torn clothes on. I took pity on her and went to her and said “Are you lost?”. She replied in a shaky voice “No I am looking for the person who send me this envelope”. She showed me her Green envelope with a leaf made on it. “I am also looking for the person! What’s your name?” I asked her. “Flora” she answered. We both then set off trying to find Charmaine street. We chatted away like besties till we found a sign saying “You have entered Charmaine street where mysteries are revealed”. We went into the street to find an old library and knocked on the gate. The gate opened magically with a creak. This looked like we were in a horror movie and right now a ghost will get us but instead, we were pulled by a windy force and into a room. “Whoa!” Flora and I shouted. The strong wind pushed us into a room and there standing before us were 3 people. “Welcome to the castle of the Elements. My name is Leo and these are Blaze- element of fire and Dylan- element of air,” Leo said. “For more than hundreds of years you have carried out missions on many planets but this one will be difficult because the War of the Venus is here,” Leo told us. I asked, “What is the war of the Venus and why don’t we remember anything about the previous planets war?”. “All the people or aliens on Venus are going to attack the Earth. They want to consume all the souls on this planet and the other ones too and then feed it to Venus so that they can become bigger than the sun and you don’t remember anything about your previous journies because of a thing called Lamozium which makes you forget ” Leo told us. Dylan asked “But if they eat all the souls there won’t be any life left, then how will they rule?”. Leo replied, “Easy they will leave one soul to survive so that he produces more till then they will rule the stars”. Everyone gasped. For days we trained and made a plan and in one of those few days, I started suspecting Dylan. One day, while I was with Flora, Dylan came and he asked me if I could make ice cream for him. I agreed because I loved making Ice cream. I went to the kitchen while Dylan stayed with Flora. In a few minutes I heard Flora screaming for help but the kitchen glass doors were locked from the outside. I broke the glass by throwing a metal plate on it and ran to Flora. I saw that the place Flora was sitting, was covered with tangled vines of flowers and Dylan on the side. I knew that Dylan had done something. Before I could respond, someone immediately grabbed my head and I felt like my head felt heavy, someone was murmuring something but I was too busy feeling sleepy. I woke up, not remembering anything about Flora’s disappearance. I asked Leo, what had happened. He told me that Flora has betrayed us and is working with the people of Venus and had attempted to kill me. I was astonished. I thought again and again- why would Flora betray me? She was such a nice friend! Leo announced that our training will start from now. Leo told us that we would be learning to use our power and he told us the way. I repeated him, keeping my hands in front of me, I thought about Flora who had betrayed me! Suddenly I felt a surge of power throughout my body. A ball of ice shot out from my hand and went right through the heart of the puppet. “Bravo,” Leo praised me. Dylan and Blaze were great too. “You have done great today! tomorrow we will practice more,” Leo said and went away. We all went to our rooms and I slept immediately, tired of all the training. Many days passed. One day, Around 2:00 a.m I woke hearing Flora’s calling from outside my window. I went to the window and found Flora, She was alive! I had to tell Leo. I turned around hearing the door open and found blaze. He looked as though he was going to attack me. Behind him, I saw Dylan! They both looked as though, they were going to attack me and they did! I touched the walls and they turned into ice! bad thing… Blaze shot a fireball which crashed, broke the wall making me trip and fall down and down. I stopped falling, surprised to find my whole body in one piece! Flora had saved me. Flora murmured some words which sounded like a spell. In a wink of an eye, I found myself in a room decorated with many species of flowers. “Make yourself comfortable bestie,” Flora said. I sat on a chair made out of strong and fat stems. “Thanks for rescuing me back there and I also want to ask, why were Dylan and Blaze attacking me!?” I asked Flora in a tone full of anxiety. Flora told me “This was all a trap… Leo called us together to trap and use us to help consume the souls of Earth and he already has Dylan and Blaze in his command. I saw it all”. I was astonished! I worked so hard to know that I was going to be betrayed. Flora continued “I was going to the kitchen to drink some milk and found Blaze and Dylan doing the same when we reached the kitchen, I started pouring the milk in a cup, hallway there I heard footsteps and followed, I thought that Dylan and Blaze were just playing a game but to my surprise, I found them with Leo who had taped Dylan’s whole body and mouth and was holding Blaze’s Head and his eyed were total blacks. Leo murmured some words called a spell and immediately Blaze bowed to Leo. He did the same to Dylan and saw me watching him! I ran as fast as I could, reached my room, and shut it tight with strong & fat stems. I was going to tell you but Dylan dropped in our conversation, when you went away he grabbed me and attempted to kill me but as I thought I was going to die, I found myself in this room which I have… decorated and I also found my master who taught me everything I know today… Master Ezekiel”. I looked around and saw a man with a long beard and a friendly smile. He told me “Your journey has… Begun!”

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