The Disliked Brother & Sister

Anna and Andy were brother and sisters. Anna was just 4 years old and Andy was 5 years when they were sent for adoption by their parents. Their mother would say “These kids are so naughty and cost a lot! I would be relieved to sent them away!”. That day Anna cried while, Andy sat angry in the adoption center. “Mother *sniff* didn’t even say *sniff* goodbye” Anna said. “I think she was just a lazy mom who wasn’t able to handle us!” Andy said. Anna and Andy were given more tasks and less fun. A year passed no one had adopted them. One day a couple came in to adopt kids. Andy and Anna were called by the manager. “Dear children! these are your new parents” the manager said. Andy and Anna were delighted to at last have someone adopt them! Months passed and they were happy with their new parents. One day Anna fell down and hurt her arm. Her arm was bleeding! Andy quickly went inside with her to find their parents but to his surprise they were nowhere to be found! “That’s strange! where could they be” Andy whispered. Suddenly they heard some noise coming from the tile they were standing on. It wasn’t a tile but a door that led deeper into the house! Anna said “What is this place?”. Andy said “Let’s listen to the sounds”. Anna and Andy’s mother said ” Is it time to tell them? they can’t live like this and neither can we”. “No they are not ready yet they need more time” their father said. Andy saw posters of them on the walls of them dressed as riots! Anna groaned due to the pain her hurt arm was causing. Anna and Andy’s parents turned alarmed. “Who is there!? Come out!” their father said angrily. They started climbing the stairs. Anna and Andy got scared and started running out of the house to get to a police or adult. They were just outside when… their fake parents had found them! Their mother locked the main gate with a button on her remote! Their mother said “Oh dear now you will have to die! as you have discovered our secret”. “Or maybe make you forget the time you had with us and then throw you out!” their father said. “That will be much better! we won’t like to have blood of kids on our hands” their mother said. Andy and Anna were terrified. Their Fake father pulled out a small container which had some blue colored pills in it. Before Anna or Andy could run they were forced to lay down and then made to eat the pills. Anna and Andy fell fast asleep. When they woke up they found themselves near a trash bin. It was very dark. They were scared to even move. “I am scared brother” Anna said terrified of the dark. Her brother held her hand and said “Are we meant to be abandoned by every person we meet is it our destiny t be abandoned?” Andy said. “Don’t *sniff* say that!” Anna cried. They heard police car sirens and before they can stand and tell them a women police stood in front of them. “We saw blood trail did you kill someone kids?” the women police asked softly. Anna showed her, her hurt arm. “Oh that’ not good! where are your parents or… do you even have any” the women police asked. Andy said “No! we were abandoned by our real parents and then by another FAKE parents who were actually riots”. “Oh dear that’s not good well…” the women police said nervously. The police rescued them and the women police adopted them. “Kids I am sorry to be so bad to you… I should have never sent you to adoption!” the women said. “Wait are you… *smile* our mother!!!” said Andy. “Yes” the women said with a smile. Anna and Andy jumped upon her and squeezed her with a hug. Their mother hugged them back. At last Andy and Anna were back to their real parents and home. They lived happily ever after…

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    wow your stories r just wonderful!😍🤩

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