My Dream World

My dream world is very beautiful and exciting. It has everything that I like. I can wake up late without worrying about school because guess what!? There is NO SCHOOL!!! I can play all day long without worrying about the time because guess what!? Time doesn’t pass there!!! Nobody is there to take me to task because there are no Humans… ONLY ANIMALS!!! That can talk! One night… I went to my dream world in my dreams. I saw Rubby the Bunny having a beauty contest with Minnie the monkey. I waited for the contest to start. Ruby the Bunny came forward on the stage. She wore a beautiful blue frock with a purple hat and looked very beautiful Then came, Minnie the monkey. She looked… Hilarious!!! She wore a pink and blue colored clown frock and a yellow-purple-colored hat with a pink feather on top.

I moved forward on the path and saw 2 hamsters fighting with each other over an apple slice. I came forward and broke the apple in two. Both the hamsters picked one slice and happily ate it. In a distance I saw the animals having a party. I joined them. I ate muffins, pastries, chips, chocolates and drank cold drinks. It all seemed so real… When I heard someone call my name and woke up. It was my mother. She told me that I was late for school! I rushed to eat my breakfast and got on the school bus. On the way, I though how much better it was to stay in my dream land… FOREVER!

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